Salesforce ISVs

Salesforce ISVs choose to work with us to establish or grow their capabilities in sales, implementation, customer success and business operations . In turn, we make targeted introductions to the Salesforce Ecosystem and wider SaaS community to help businesses achieve their goals. Not only do we help you via our hire & build solution, but our virtual team offering can quickly and cost effectively help you scale.  

Whether landing and expanding from overseas or growing an existing local practice, we have a proven track record in working with a wide range of Salesforce ISVs.

We’re your go-to agency for one-off resources and strategic growth partnerships.

Salesforce Resources we can deliver

Our talent network consists of the following role types:

Sales & customer success

  • BDR
  • SDR
  • BDM
  • Account Executive
  • Account Manager
  • Account Director
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Customer Success Director


  • CEO
  • Managing Director
  • Country Head
  • Sales Director
  • Practice Manager


  • Sales Engineer
  • Solution Engineer


  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Operations Manager

Hire & Build

We help companies hire and build their own internal salesforce resources such as admins, Devs, platform managers, BAs etc. This allows them to own and manage the Salesforce org without relaying on traditional partner to do everything. 

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Strategic growth partnerships

We help startups, established Salesforce ISVs in the region, and overseas partners executing an APAC land-and-expand strategy. SaaSpeople assist you through a detailed, highly customised strategic growth partnership.

This involves us understanding your growth roadmap and getting to know your business intimately to ensure we accurately present your vision, story, and goals to candidates on an ongoing basis. You can consider us as an extension of your Talent Acquisition team as we’re on hand to advise and assist at all times.

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Virtual Team

Elevate Salesforce ROI with Virtual team: A  dedicated support for seamless operations.

Our fully managed teams  optimise, troubleshoot, and enhance, ensuring uninterrupted success. Helping create peak Salesforce performance. 

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What Our Clients Say

I was introduced to Will at SaaSpeople by my Account Exec at Salesforce as I needed to understand what type of in house Salesforce resource would work well alongside my implementation partner. Based on Will’s advice I hired a fantastic contract resource who has not only delivered successfully but our flexible ‘few days per month’ arrangement has been perfect and cost effective for my small business that doesn’t require someone full time.

Guy Burford

CEO of AusDilaps

Will is pragmatic, honest and proactive. He definitely has the right knowledge in the sourcing the right Salesforce talents.

Erika Tansani

Digital Transformation Program Manager, Shine Lawyers

Thanks so much, love the way you work with us with professionalism and expertise. Communication was excellent, candidates were strong – really appreciate it.

Michelle Kelly

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Shine Lawyers

I was introduced to SaaSpeople through my Account Exec at Salesforce after I unexpectedly lost a critical Salesforce resource. Will was able to quickly understand my Salesforce roadmap and what skills were required, and within days I had made an offer to an excellent Salesforce Platform Manager. This not only saved my project from possible failure, but this person has been instrumental in driving our Salesforce roadmap forward.

Adrian Christian

Head of Technology, OpenCorp AU

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