SaaSpeople Top Traits of a Successful

Australian businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to Salesforce to manage their customer relationships, sales processes and marketing activities. As such, demand for experienced and skilled Salesforce Administrators has skyrocketed in recent times and is set to continue to do so.

If you’re a skilled-up Salesforce Administrator or are looking to make a move into this exciting sector, there are a number of key Salesforce traits that lead to success. Salesforce Administrators are considered to be business leaders. Their in-depth knowledge of the way the organisation functions, how they assist with process automation and improve efficiency all work to improve productivity.

Salesforce Administrators work to keep projects ongoing and provide innovative solutions, bring together their research skills, product knowledge and sales prowess to hit their targets month after month.

If you’re keen to really excel in the Salesforce arena, consider honing the following Salesforce Administrator traits:

Strong Communication Skills

A great Salesforce Administrator has an innate ability to communicate well. They have to have the ability to provide end-user support and Salesforce training to others, so strong communication skills are a must.

Two key tasks for Salesforce Administrators are user management and user validation. You’ll set up accounts, assign new users and help to coordinate your teams to work efficiently and access the right objects. Knowing you have the skills to communicate all of this will help you to land the Salesforce role you’re seeking.

Data Management

As well as managing your teams, you will have to manage the stored data on the Salesforce platform. This will determine the way your team pushes forward with future goals and as Salesforce Administrator, you should be able to keep the data clean, stored and accurate. Knowing how to import the right data into the platform is vital for your success.

Your customers are your internal users as an Administrator and that means you’ll spend some of your time digging through the data and the minutiae of Salesforce. At other times, you may need to present data to those at a higher level in management or leadership positions. Your earlier mentioned communication skills will come into play here!

Emotional Intelligence

Great Salesforce Administrators possess a keen ability to connect with people and grasp what motivates and drives them. This requires strong emotional intelligence (EI), which is made up of interpersonal skills and an understanding of human behaviour. Salesforce Administrators with a high EI forge strong and highly successful relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

Multitasking Prowess

Salesforce Administrators need to be good multitaskers, as they’re responsible for managing a wide range of activities simultaneously. They must balance the demands of data, manage professional relationships and expectations, identifying customer needs and market trends, not to mention having a good understanding of the Salesforce process.

Those Salesforce Administrators at the top of their game know how to effectively prioritise tasks, delegate responsibilities and hone in on the most time-critical activities, often by utilising great project management skills.

Commitment to Ongoing Learning

Salesforce capabilities are forever evolving with new features, partners and ISVs popping up continuously. To keep yourself in the game, it’s important you’re open to not only understanding the latest and greatest, but demonstrate a willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies.

Trailhead allows you to focus on learning the most in-demand skills, ones that will help you land the role you love within the Salesforce ecosystem. Earning a superbadge is particularly impressive as it’s a tangible way for employers to see you have that impressive triad of dedication, focus and resilience.

Being active in the Trailblazer community is an additional way to demonstrate your commitment to, and excitement about, Salesforce. Plus you’ll have the bonus of building your network, and an in-built Salesforce support system for advice should you hit a sales snag.

Support In Finding Your Next Salesforce Administrator Role

With the news that Salesforce recently achieved over $1 billion in revenue in Australia, the demand for skilled Salesforce Administrators is sure to continue its upward trajectory. And if you’re a Salesforce Administrator with a combination of the traits mentioned above – or one who’s willing to do the hard work to get there – you’re on the fast track to success.

At SaaSpeople, we’ve been specialist recruiters for Salesforce professionals longer than anyone else in the APAC region. We have access to over 15000 Salesforce based organisations within Australia and the greater APAC region, so please connect with one of our recruiters to peruse our open Salesforce Administrator roles, or find out how we can help you reach your career goals.